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FREE Basic Consult to possible victims of Scams & Fraud.

I wanted our FIRST post to really speak to our Ethics and how we want to give back to those who may be in need of a “second opinion” on a situation before they proceed.   This is our way of giving back and helping people to hopefully not fall prey to some of the ingenious scams out there.    We will utilize this blog space moving forward to point out news scams as we come across them to our community.

HOW DO YOU KNOW IT IS A SCAM or you should at LEAST be suspicious?

-What is you gut telling you?  Probably if you are reading this, and thinking things over that’s a good RED FLAG and maybe we should chat about what may be happening!

-Did YOU reach out for a service or did you recieve an unsolicited phone call suddenly from somebody claiming you owe taxes, imported something bad, need a fee to claim something, etc.  Chances are it is NOT legit

-Is somebody asking you to buy GIFT CARDS or CRYPTO and send them funds to do something.  Probably might be something up.

We are NOT registered financial advisors and do NOT provide financial advice.   We are happy to have a FREE basic 5 minute chat / email / call about your possible “red flag” situation and point you in the right direction of either the authorities, support group, or point out more info on the same type of scam that’s happened.   Help those in true need, and they will come back as a loyal customer when they need.