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Find answers to common questions and concerns in our FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The founder continues his studies towards a Doctorate in Blockchain Technology.  Our team loves Crypto and we are proudly Canadian!  We aim to be a TRUSTED boutique consulting company specializing in everything blockchain & crypto.   We are NOT Financial Advisors.  Learn how we can help you or your project or business today!

We love bringing new people in the space up to speed and quick so they can get involved quickly and profitably without scams and schemes hindering progress. 

GREAT question - We are located in Canada, have verifiable feedback, a registered business with CRA and will happily meet you on Zoom or call you at whatever link or phone # that YOU provide at a time that YOU need.  Secondly, we will NEVER ask you for your credit card, passwords, secret recovery phrases, etc.  We have many happy returning clients.  Check our independent reviews right on Fiverr.

Crypto is the wild Wild West!  If you are a new individual entering the crypto space, or a small startup launching your project, or even an existing company wanting to get into blockchain we have you covered!   Our growing team consists of multi-faceted expertise including; business, finance, blockchain, investing, mining and more.  See how we can help you today!

We are working hard to build a diverse team of trusted practitioners that will enable us to be your one stop shop for everything Blockchain & crypto.   In 2023 we plan to bring a certified tax professional, and a full stack developer to offer a wider range of services to our valued clients.

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