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BEWARE Google Search Engine

Incredible BUT TRUE, hackers are PAYING to increase the ranking of their AD when you perform a google search.  It MAY take you to a SPOOF site that looks exactly like the original site.   We in fact we scammed for (4) NFT’s earlier this year due to similar circumstances.   DO NOT rely on the TOP google searches to be YOUR trusted crypto platforms.   ONLY use proven links in your history, or even better go in fresh EVERYTIME to your crypto sites via there Twitter approved link, or via Coinmarketcap lookup link, etc.   It is CRAZY right now.    You will know you are likely on a SCAM site as soon as your METAMASK prompts you for your recovery words.   It is them seeking access!!!   DO NOT EVER share your 12 pass phrase from METAMask – that is your PIN # essentially for your whole METAMask crypto wallet.   

Below are images just from yesterday where we ran into this scam ourselves.  The legit site is gas and this google #1 result took us to gas   Exact replica of the site but one wants my back end security keys to drain my wallet.    BE CAREFUL out there folks.  You can’t get trust Google anymore For your authorized search results!   

Wishing everyone a prosperous 2022 and hopefully the continuation of this bull market.